How to gain programming experience

How To Gain Programming Experience?

How To Gain Programming Experience?

Companies do not like to hire people with no experience, and many companies do not want to train either. Since so many companies are not open to employing people without experience, how does someone gain experience?

While the corporate world is not always willing to hire people with little or no experience, the nonprofit world is keen to hire volunteers with little or no experience. Some non-profit organizations will be able to pay a small amount. Or, you can select an abandoned open source project and revive it. Working with open source is a great tool for creating a resume.

The good news is that developers can gain programming experience and develop their skills, while also making friends in the industry and promoting the work they’ve done. The two best ways to do this are to start and finish your own project, and sign up for coding challenges.

No matter what programming languages you’ve learned, it’s always important to practice your skills, learn from others, and network in your industry. Development challenges are a great way to practice your skills. If you’re new to programming, don’t expect to win your first challenges. Instead, use them as an improvement tool as you watch brilliant developers in action. Many of these sites also have open archives, so you can compete in previous challenges and easily compare your solutions to what others have done in the past.

Here are some places to start:


If you don’t already have a GitHub account, create one now, right now. It’s a place where you can contribute to open source projects, publish your own projects, and show off your skills to employers all over the world. Having a GitHub profile on your CV is now standard for developers.


This is another place where you should have an account set up. It’s a developer community network where nearly 100 million developers come together to share knowledge and work on their careers.


This is a web application designed to help you practice programming and improve your coding skills. We offer a collection of code challenges and web development courses to help prepare you for your upcoming job interviews. Coding challenges come in different difficulty levels and can all be completed right in their online editor.


It’s a place where you can hone your programming skills and build your reputation at the same time by solving various challenges to improve your ranking. CodeWars has challenges for literally dozens of programming languages.


This website helps you prepare for interviews and has over 1,500 technical questions to practice. LeetCode also has a number of other tools that aim to connect developers with employers.


This is a development site that provides hundreds of challenges. You can write code in their online editor and browse through their challenge collections, which are broken down into different categories based on your skill level. They have a large community of developers who contribute to forums, write tutorials, and take part in coding competitions.


This is a coding challenges site that offers over 3000 challenges spanning over 50 different programming languages. Once you’ve chosen the language you want to master, you take the coding challenges right on your computer. However, it is slightly different from other challenge sites because you work with a mentor after you complete each challenge. The mentor reviews your answers online and helps to correct them if necessary. Once your responses are approved and submitted, you’ll unlock more challenges.


We are a non-profit community that helps you learn to code by creating projects. It maintains a list of its best coding challenges sites. You learn to code by completing coding challenges and building projects. You’ll also get verified certificates along the way.


He regularly publishes coding challenges with wallets that range from $ 1 to $ 15 000. The challenges range from Angular, React, Java, SQL, Html to data science and other areas of computing.


It is a bit different from other sites because, instead of just solving coding problems in the editor, you are involved in writing the code for the games you play directly online.

Remember. When you work from home, try your best to emulate software development in professional environments. Write a project plan, create unit tests, set up a nightly build, and so on. I guarantee that you will become a better developer for this and have something to show your employers, which is actually quite important.

You should consider joining a good online course.
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